Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Certificate of Conformity (COC)?

This is an official document issued for all vehicles built to be sold and registered within the European Union. It confirms the vehicle has been tested, and meets EU Type Approval Standards.

The Certificate of Conformity is unique to each vehicle and contains various technical specifications of the vehicle at the time of manufacture.

As the vehicle leaves the factory, this German document is placed in the Owners Handbook (in the glove box).

We can obtain a duplicate COC for any car made for the European Market.

COC Cover
COC Paper
Why does my Certificate of Conformity only come in German?

All Certificates of Conformity are supplied in German as standard and cannot be produced in any other language. This does not affect its validity and it will be recognised by all European Community countries for vehicle registration purposes.

A translation of the headings can be supplied on request.

What documents do I need to supply as Proof of Ownership and Identity?

For proof of ownership, copies of the Registration Document or Export Certificate from the country where the vehicle was last registered, and a Sales Invoice are required.

If these are not available, a Customs document, MOT or Insurance Certificate showing the chassis/VIN number will be acceptable.

For proof of identity, a copy of your Passport or Driving Licence or ID card will be sufficient.

Electronic copies of these documents can be uploaded to this website, emailed or posted.

How do I order a duplicate Mercedes-Benz Certificate of Conformity?

A duplicate Mercedes-Benz Certificate of Conformity can be ordered for any European car manufactured after 1996 by completing an application request via our website.

What are the document charges?

The document charges are:

  • Certificate of Conformity £216.00 inc VAT
  • Date of Manufacture Letter £72.00 inc VAT
  • Date of Manufacture Letter - Classic Car £180.00 inc VAT
  • Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) Letter £264.00 inc VAT
  • Euro Status Letter £30.00 inc VAT
  • V5C Corrections are free of charge
How can I pay, and how long will it take?

You can either pay:

  1. On-line by Credit/Debit Card using the secure payment site provided by WorldPay

All documents are sent out within 15 working days once payment has been received and cleared.

Which credit/debit cards can I pay with?

Payment can be made on-line in GBP through our secure payment provider, WorldPay, using any of the following cards:

Payment card types
What is the Refund Policy?

In the event that the information contained on the documents we provide to you is incorrect, please contact us as soon as possible. We will offer to reproduce the incorrect documents and resend them to you free of charge.

Alternatively, you may return the incorrect documents to us at your own expense within 7 days of receiving such documents and we will reimburse the price that you have paid for the documents to your credit or debit card.

We aim to acknowledge all refund requests within 5 working days and action such requests within 10 working days. Please note that your right to return documents to us in accordance with these terms and conditions is in addition to any other statutory rights you may have.

How will my documents be despatched to me?
Certificate of Conformity Royal Mail Special Delivery or for non-UK addresses UPS
Date of Manufacturer Letter First Class Post
Classic Date of Manufacture Letter First Class Post
Individual Vehicle Approval Letter First Class Post
Euro Status Letter Email
V5C Correction Letter Email
What is a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Chassis Number?

From May 1978, Vehicle manufacturers are now required to follow a set of criteria for numbering vehicles, referred to as a Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) also known as a Chassis number.

All Mercedes-Benz vehicles produced before May 1978 have a 14-digit number. From June 1978 vehicles have a 17 alphanumeric value.

In all cases, the VIN or Chassis Number will be on the registration document.

Where can I find the chassis number or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)?

The VIN or Chassis number should appear on the Registration Document of the vehicle.

It will also be printed in the vehicle:

  • Open the right front door.
  • Just under the door latch, you will find a label with the 17 alphanumeric value.
What can I do if the chassis number is not stamped in the chassis?

Any vehicle, which does not have the official Mercedes-Benz AG stamped chassis number, is deemed to no longer be a Mercedes-Benz product and no assistance can be given.

Does the vehicle have to been previously registered?

This service is for vehicles that have previously been registered in the country of first registration. If you have a new vehicle that you wish to import please take advice from your Mercedes-Benz retailer or refer to the DVLA website:-

Can Mercedes-Benz supply documentation if the vehicle has been modified since it left the production line?

No. Mercedes-Benz can only confirm details of the vehicle as it left the production line.

How do I get documents for my Mercedes-Benz Van or Truck?

This on-line service is only for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and smart cars.

If you require a document for a Mercedes-Benz Van, please email

If you require a document for a Mercedes-Benz Truck, please email


DVLA - Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

V5 - Registration papers

VCA - Vehicle Certification Agency

DVSA - Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

COC - Certificate of Conformity

Contact Us

Please contact us using the email address


What documents or work do I need to do to import my vehicle in to the United Kingdom?

For the latest DVLA requirements please check the DVLA Website

Information on registering an imported car in the United Kingdom

I am importing a vehicle that has previously been registered in an EU country

To import a vehicle under 10 years old from an EU country, you will require a GB Conversion IVA Certificate from the VCA. Please find further details at the below website:

To obtain a GB Conversion IVA Certificate you will need a Certificate of Conformity and evidence of changes made to the vehicle to conform to UK regulations i.e. Speedometer showing MPH, headlights suitable for driving on the right and fog light on the right hand side.

This is the link for a GB Conversion IVA application form:

I am importing a vehicle from a non-EU country

If you are importing form a non-EU Country i.e. USA or Far East, the UK authorities will need to establish that the vehicle is safe to drive on UK roads. They may request a IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) from DVSA who may wish to inspect the vehicle.

Please check the government web site for current details:

Find your local DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) test station for IVA Tests

My vehicle is over 10 years old. What do I need to register it in the United Kingdom?

If your vehicle is over 10 years old, it can be registered at a DVLA local office with proof of the date of manufacture and a current MOT.

We can supply an official Mercedes-Benz/smart Date of Manufacture Letter.


I am exporting my vehicle to France

We can supply a duplicate of your German Certificate of Conformity that will assist with your vehicle registration in France.

For more information regarding exporting a vehicle to France:

For the Mercedes-Benz France Homologation Website

V5 Correction

How do I request changes to my V5C document?

Please fill out the V5C Correction form, supplying the vehicle data that you wish to change with the current and correct data. We will send you a letter, which you can forward to the DVLA with your V5C (Log Book). The DVLA will correct the V5C and return it to the registered keeper.

The CO2 figure on my V5C is incorrect.

The CO2 figure varies for each individual vehicle and can differ from the published brochure figure if different wheels or a different suspension is fitted to your vehicle. If you complete the Request Form in the V5C Correction section, we will confirm the correct CO2 for your vehicle.

How do I request confirmation of the Euro Status of my car?

If you are unable to locate your Certificate of Conformity, please complete a Euro Status request.

If your car qualifies for exception from any of the Clear Air Zones (CAZ) we will email a letter which you can upload to the CAZ and ULEZ website.

The cost of this letter is £25 + VAT = £30.

Additional Support

If you still have unanswered questions you can get further support by contacting the Homologation team at

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