Import, Export, Euro Status and V5C Corrections

Import into UK

If you are importing your Mercedes-Benz Car from another European Country, please complete an Import Request.

For Imports from non-European countries that require a Statement of Compliance for an IVA Application, please complete an Import Request.

Export from UK

If you require a European Certificate of Conformity for your UK Mercedes-Benz car in order to register it in another European Country, please complete an Export Request.

For non-European Countries, please contact the country you are exporting to.

V5C Corrections

If any of the vehicle details are incorrect on your V5, we can supply a letter that will enable you to get the Logbook changed by the DVLA. Please complete a V5C Correction Request.

Classic Car Registrations

If you require evidence of the Date of Manufacture for your pre 1985 car, please complete a Classic Car Request.

Euro Status

If you require confirmation of the Euro Status of your car and you are unable to locate your Certificate of Conformity, please complete a Euro Status request. If your car qualifies for exemption from any of the Clear Ait Zones (CAZ) we will email a letter which you can upload to the CAZ and ULEZ website.

During this process you will be required to supply your vehicle details and proof of vehicle registration and ownership.

Also please read our Frequently asked questions section.

Please be advised this service is only available to UK Mercedes-Benz cars customers.

How this service works

Step 1 Complete the online request form.

Use the online tool to supply us with your information and we can determine which documents you need.

Step 2 Receive your quote.

We will advise you which documents you require and send you an accurate cost for the supply of these document(s) by email.

Step 3 Make a payment

You can order your documents, by completing a secure online payment.

Step 4 Your documents are sent.

We aim to respond to enquiries within 5 days.

Typical document costs

Certificate of Conformity (COC) £216.00 (inc VAT)
Date of Manufacture Letter £72.00 (inc VAT)
Date of Manufacture Letter - Classic Car £180.00 (inc VAT)
Statement of Compliance for IVA £264.00 (inc VAT)
Euro Status Letter £30.00 (inc VAT)
V5C Correction Letter Free of charge
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